Camel Riding by the Beach: Discover Pepe’s Camel Safari

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What better way to relax than riding a camel on the beachside? Quieter and gentler than horses, camels are known as the ships of the desert. Their peaceful nature makes the ride not only enjoyable but gives you the chance to appreciate your surroundings. If you want to experience taking a leisurely ride along the shoreline atop a camel, then the place to experience this is at Tanji beach. The stroll lasts from half an hour to an hour- in which you get to enjoy the sight of the fishing boats and the hustle and bustle of the people preparing the salted and smoked fish from your elevated view.

Pepe’s Camel Safari in Tanji is run by a Spaniard called Joven Antonia. He has been in the business since 1998 and so far, the reviews have spoken highly of his services.

Each animal carries two passengers seated on either side of the camel’s humps. The camels are locally bred and the rides are personally organized by him. Once at the beach, you will meet your designated camel, then with the help of an assistant, you will mount your camel and set off to enjoy the breathtaking views set out before you.

A welcome drink is served upon arrival at Camel Safari Camp, introduction to your camel and a photo opportunity close up of the coke drinking camel!  You can also visit and take pictures of the camels in their habitat for a moderate price of two euros.

Enjoy a comfortable ride along the Tanji beach and Joven Antoni and his team will ensure your experience is safe, educational and most of all, enjoyable.


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