COVID-19 Renders Senegambia Strip Lacklustre

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Senegambia strip, being the most bubbling and exciting place in the tourism development area (TDA) especially in winter or summer has now become a lackluster area amid the coronavirus pandemic. Senegambia strip is the heart of the tourism development area harbored by Bertil Harding highway. It had no dull moment until the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic spreading like harmattan fire worldwide. Senegambia strip is a small New York or London for first-time visitors of the area; full of life, excitement especially the beach sides, while it is a planet of gold at night where one meets and makes friends with different tourists and holidaymakers in the Smiling Coast of Africa. In Destination Gambia, it is an ideal place of leisure where one enjoys not only the sea, sand, and sun but The Gambia as a whole when it comes to meeting the smiling people, good business partners, and socializing among others. Following the recommendation of the health experts committee concerning the spread of the COVID-19, for the first time, the area started experiencing dull moments as the government of The Gambia, like other countries worldwide, suspended flights from 13 (thirteen) countries from entering the destination amid the pandemic. In addition to that, individuals traveling from another 47 (forty-seven) countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas to The Gambia are to undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 (fourteen) days, a recommendation which is still in force, as the pandemic continues. Coronavirus pandemic is not just having an impact only on the Senegambia area in the country. It is dealing with tourism which is an intermediary between all the economic sectors. The impact on hotels, aviation, culture, hospitality institute, sites, creative and entertainment among others in tourism travel and culture industry is enormous. The big question is how will The Gambia tourism and culture industry overcome the impact when coronavirus pandemic finally becomes history, which is still far from ending. Meanwhile, an extract from a report commissioned by the Gambia Hotel Association (GHA) and Travels and Tourism Association of The Gambia (TTAG) conducted by Sheikh Tejan Nyang and Kebba Njie, it is disclosed that “hotels, tour operators, restaurants, airlines, suppliers, and employees are just a few of the hardest hit that suffers the most immediate repercussions, as the outbreak is occurring during the winter, the busiest travel season.” Read the original article on The Point.

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