FTi German journalist visits Brikama craft market

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African craftsmanship is diverse and, above all, very decorative. When I visited the Brikama Arts and Crafts Market in the Gambia, the main focus was on the exhibition of the works. So I came not as a potential buyer, but as a reporter. And this role has been great for me.

The market manager took me by the hand and introduced me to the individual traders and craftsmen. The great thing about this market is that many of the products sold here are made directly here. This is particularly true of the woodwork. One carver came directly from Senegal, another had worked on the carving of Mali and Burkina Faso – and a third, on the other hand, carved figures and reliefs from the bark of the tree.

The Gambia is an exciting little country in West Africa – and the people here are incredibly friendly and nice. After my visit here (in September 2017) there will now always be pictures of this breathtaking country. The best thing about my visit was the encounter with these incredibly amiable people.

The great thing about a trip with a good guide is that he always asks the question about what you want to see. And when Mamou, who has become my friend, asked me over and over again, I said quite often: “Let’s go to your friends. I would love to get to know your people. “And that wish he fulfilled me. So I sat there and people looked at me – and I got them

Brikama Market Blaster

The children, of course, were curious and have set themselves up and looked at me. And then laughed. Some of the youngsters were extremely sweet and have perched on me and held me. Or they wanted to be lifted by me. All at the latest, the ice was broken …… and that was very particularly fine.


On the last day, we went to the Brikama market. I wanted to do some market pictures. And then came the market chef and introduced me to him … and each of these wonderful artists there proudly showed me his products. You can see a tiny cut of it here ……

Travel Tips: FTI Touristik

The Gambia is an optimal entry point for West Africa – it is safe and very relaxed. The Gambians are very polite and accommodating people. You get very relaxed. If you want to travel to And from Europe, you can book a package with the travel agent FTI and either organize excursions on the spot or book a round trip. It is an advantage to travel with a local tour guide, as this is not only explained but also helps to get in touch with the locals.

A look into the current Africa catalog is worthwhile. The Gambia offers first-class beaches and also very fine beach hotels. However, a trip to the Gambia would only be half the pleasure if you come to bathing exclusively. The Gambia is recommended for beginners.

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