Gambia Tourist Sites

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Located in Janjanbureh. A tropical paradise lodge set on the meandering river banks of MacCarthy Island, deep in the African bush. This idyllic location provides a perfect base for the discerning traveler who is seeking a genuine experience, away from the crowded beach resorts.


Located in Kiang, on the riverside and close to Kiang West National Park. Built in the 1970’s as a hunting lodge but now attracts mostly birdwatchers and naturalists. The area is characterized by a broad tidal river bed, savannah swamp, and mangroves. Also a spot for short excursions and ideal for eco-tourists interested in both wildlife and birds. All year round destination owned and managed locally. The swimming pool is available!!!


In Brikama that was once voted best eco-lodge in the world by the Sunday Times. 1000 acre reserve encompassing 5 different eco-systems. Offers an upmarket experience in the wilderness, with day excursions available. In addition to 5-star luxury lodges, enjoy traditional tribal dancing, singing, drumming,

guided canoe rides, bird watching, visit a “holy man” /fortune teller, try traditional medicines and remedies, or pottery, cooking, furniture making, wood carving lessons at the craft market. This camp helps the socioeconomic development of the community.


Located in Kartong, which is close to other tourist areas and the capital city. See attractively built lodges in a really beautiful location with huge expanses of ear untouched white sand beaches just minutes away. Very quiet and great for getaways! Provides employment for locals and 30% of nightly rates go back to the village. Some say this is “luxury on a deserted beach.”



Located in North Bank situated right in the middle of the village under big mangoes and cotton trees. With 5 small round houses and 2 VIP houses. The village offers a cultural experience with old griots (traditional musicians and storytellers) present. Also, experience the everyday life in a multi-ethnic society. Locally staffed and profits used for socio-economic development of the village.


Located in Foni Brefet, right in the river Gambia and surrounded by a beautiful forest with many baobab trees. With 5 smaller roundhouses and 2 VIP houses. Offering cultural experience in a multi-ethnic society, site seeing in the forest and excursion on the river Gambia for bird watching and fishing. 25% of income generated goes to village development fund; used to fight poverty.


Located in “Tumani Tenda village” a jola village named after “Tumani” a peanut picker and “Tenda” riverbank. The accommodation provides an authentic African atmosphere, with trees, hammocks, bar and a restaurant. Offering various activities including history talk, visiting beekeepers, salt/

soap making workshop, fishing, bird watching, farming tour, oyster collection, tree planting, cow cart safari, local cuisine cooking lesson, and the cultural experience which is priceless!


Offers ‘luxury’ bush camping facilities up country in the locality of Kanilai Village. With 40 African styled grass thatched hut rooms, this camp has activities such as bird watching in the surrounding bush, local safari trekking with a park ranger or seeing the naturally formed fish pond, and relaxing in a huge tropical garden covering 30,000 square meters. Entertainment includes folklore & African cultural dance by the local villagers. The area is ideal for anyone looking for a holiday away from the hectic tourist scene for a fortnight of peace & tranquillity.

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