Gambian Cuisines

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The Gambian cuisine is varied and marked by a diversity of influences. Popular ingredients are fresh fish and chicken with rice, couscous, cassava, sweet potatoes and okra. Since the peanut plays a significant role for the Gambia, it is increasingly found in traditional cooking again.

Among the most popular Gambian specialties include:
Foufou : a manioc, which is often served as a side dish
Domoda : a stew of braised meat or fish, vegetables and a thick peanut sauce
Jollof rice : meat stew with vegetables and rice
Yassa : marinated in lemon, grilled chicken with onions and garlic

Gambian cuisine

Traditionally drinkable in Gambia, popular are for example the strong Ataya tea or various juices , consisting of dried hibiscus flowers or baobabs are obtained.

The Julbrew Brewery in Serekunda bride, although The Gambia is an Islamic country, under tourist guidance a nation own beer.

In addition, so-called Palm Wine Tappers of traditional palm wine prepared. The preparation requires climbs to lofty heights to the required plant sap, which is extracted from various species of palm trees to collect. During excursions inland Palm Wine Tappers can be observed in their work and the sour wine are tasted. The adventurous can also try with instructions when climbing.

Palm Wine Tappers

Who an authentic einblick in the West African cuisine would like to receive, you should definitely on Cooking workshop  of  Ida Cham  participate. The Gambianerin regularly invites culinary interested visitors for half a day to his home. This can at will with the traditional colorful garments Gambia dressing up, go along with Ida on the Tanji fish market buy fresh ingredients and prepare for their special recipes exotic specialties.




In February, the Food & Beverage Festival takes place every year. 2 days and you as a visitor the unique opportunity for the local cuisine – around Mbahal, jollof rice and Yassa – to meet a resident would.





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  1. Alasan Badjie

    Wow this is so nice to see that The Gambia is growing rapidly
    Proud of being a Gambian
    Keep it up guys

  2. Sulayman Njie

    Awww! Already missing gambian food this amazing, there’s no place like home.
    Gambian flag stays high always.
    Gambia first gambia always.


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