Trips on the Gambia river

The Gambia River meanders around 500 km through the country and are the lifeline of Gambia. Unsurprisingly, therefore, is that the local life is closely linked to the river. For tourists, is a unique opportunity to take a boat trip upstream on the Gambia River country and get to know people off the tourist centers.

The Gambia River
The Gambia River

Since 1984 there are on the Gambia River, although no liner shipping, however, offers a variety of private providers  Boat trips inland to. Pronounced well can Gambia as part of a river cruise to discover. In the winter months, along the Gambia River offers cultural and natural interested travelers a unique opportunity also hidden areas of the hinterland to explore and delve into the Gambian culture.
Thus, there are inland a regular boat connection with the solar-powered “Solar Queen” between the Bintang Bolong, the largest tributary of the River Gambia, and Farafenni. Between Kuntaur and the Bird Safari Camp, Janjanbureh the “Lady Hippo” wrong. Both compounds run as more quiet safaris, where you also very good birdsbirds can be observed. In addition, there is the possibility that during the journey with the “Lady Hippo” chimpanzees at River Gambia National Park to observe and of the coming on board of the park employees more about the “Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project” to learn. From the coast run daily excursion boats to the former slaves sites on Kunta Kinteh Iceland, also called James Island, in Albreda and Juffureh.

Likewise, from Banjul or Lamin Lodge from Tagestouren on the Gambia River or the bolongs be booked the mangrove-lined creeks. The further inland cities and lodges organize such trips for their guests also gladly.