Olugander Abukpapa

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About Dr. Olugander

13178653_10154030214350661_2428887773245469137_nDr. Olugander alias Abukpapa The First, was born & brought up in The Gambia. This young & popular, talented versatile Gambian musician started singing at a tender age through the inspiration of his grandfather who was a great cultural musician in his hay days. In the early 1997 he formed a crew named (CAP-SYL-MAD VIBES) comprising of singers like Capricon, Sylvester cobra & Mad soldier.The crew lasted for just about a year, then later changed to (Promised Land Crew) with Olugander & Capricon as main sing jays in october 1998, with the first hit single on tv (Babylon rule) from the album(Too late) Recorded at Yellow Gates studios of Elie Nachif, by Kebba Taylor in 1998.

The Promised Land Crew performed through out the length & breadth of the country & was on Fateleku nation wide package tour with Oussou Njie senor & lot of other Gambian foundation artists in 1999. In 2001 Capricon decided to stop music & joined the Islamic brotherhood called the Markas. Then it was time for Gander to embark on his solo career. A fond lover of the music of popular Stars like the late South African Lucky Dube &Jamaican stars like Cocoa Tea, Bob marley, bunny wailer, dennish brown etc. he felt he could use music to bring great changes in the life of young people with his own original style. Known for his philanthropic gestures for the less fortunate & poorer class of our communities, Olugander Abukpapa was the first musician of his generation in the country, to establish & register a charity foundation (Gander’s Production Foundation) embarking on giving back projects through out the country, to support the poor & needy ones through his music performances & charity donations.

The Ganders production foundation (G.P.F) with the motto (EACH ONE-SUPPORT ONE) donated cooking items & food stuffs to the disaster flood victims of the Gambia on national television, at the office of the vice president of the republic of The Gambia in December 2010. (G.P.F) contributed in the rehabilation of school toilets in wassu upper basic cycle & many other school support related programmes in the Gambia. The cash donation to the blind school of The Gambia in january 2013, made him the Ambassador of the blind school, The Gambia organisation of the visually impaired (GOVI) & many more on his giving back project to the communities. Recently he was honoured by ‘RAW ENTERTAINMENT’ a Kenyan music & charity label, to perform in Kenya alongside the Jamaican reggae star Turbulence, in support of the ‘Kandaria’ dispensary on the 29th. August 2015, which was a huge success as the people of East African began loving his music style & pattern. G.P.F also operates as a record label that looks after Olugander & other artist in the label, the likes of (Junior Gander de music hero) an upcoming artist inspired by Olugander in the same movement.



In his effort to uplift young musicians & unify the whole music industry in The Gambia, The G.P.F sponsored & produced a line up riddim called the (promised land riddim in 2007) a riddim line up that featured almost all top & young Gambian reggae musicians under one roof. (G.P.F) had also been organising annual welcome back home show events for Olugander, any time he returns from a Europe or US tour a show was staged at the Bufferzone or the Serekunda east mini stadium, which was one of the biggest platform in the country, where most of the the many musicians today got heard & got their first ever open air test to be heard and known by their fans. In many ways the background of this hard core, soft spoken singer could be compared with that of many great singers around the world, but his professional manner of conducting his career is what set him above the peak. He is flexible, full of confidence in his music, stage performances are always unique, splendid & tremendious. His voice is sweet, smooth, hard aswell rich of original qualities of raw born original country man style. His language is excellent, this made & still make the people of his country admiring him so much. He is a role model to the younger generation & a voice for the poor, the only singer in the country keeping it natural setting a better example of no smoking & no drinking,yet still getting it wild on stage with out applying anything to please his fans. Invited by sizzla kalonji on collaboration song (Struggling), shared stage with big names in the world, the like of Luciano,Youssou Ndour, Glen washinton, King Yellow man etc.

The title Doctor(Dr) was given to him by his fans who regarded him as a musical doctor. The name Olugander came as a result of his love for the male goose the ˜ GANDER ‘ which is his favorite animal. Abukpapa is derived from his MAN-JAH-GO language, thus (MAN-JAH-GO) men -going to Jah. Abukpapa meaning the child of a father, this name his grand father used to call him from inception. Thus, Dr Olugander, the musical Doctor whose favorite pet is the Gander. In 2007 he was Awarded best reggae musician, by the Njawara youth and sports association, in 2008 he won the best reggae song in the Gambia, programme organised by the Saul Sounds UK in collaboration with Gambian talents USA. Awarded a honorary award & invited to USA in 2009, by (AGERA) Atlanta Gambians Emergency Relief Association. Olugander Abukpapa The First, is undisputedly the Gambia’s international reggae ambassador who had been touring, representing in all over Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Kenya & many other African countries over the years. Olugander Abukpapa kept on waxing stronger as he just released three brand new videos within a short space of time in this January 2016.

The videos namely ‘XALEBI’ a love song in Wollof language of Senegambia, ‘BE YOURSELF’ on life works riddim, produced by ‘HEART OF A LION RECORDS’ a Jamaican record label based in MA USA, both videos were released on the 9th. January 2016. He then released another ‘ IMAGINE’ on the Mood riddim, 22nd. January 2016, produced by Angel Vibes & Augustus Massive Belgium. Olugander Abukpapa The First is currently based in Finland doing his music & Projects.


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