Abuko Nature Reserve


The Abuko Nature Reserve is located just half an hour south of the capital Banjul and has an impressive number of plant and animal species. The reserve now live about 270 species of birds, 70 species of butterflies and 37 reptile species. In addition, about 115 different species of plants are located in the nature reserve. It was established since 1968 and due to its biodiversity provides a comprehensive insight into the diverse natural spectacle Gambia.


A trip to the most visited nature reserve Gambia is worthwhile in any case. At the Crocodile Pool turtles, herons, cormorants and various water birds can be admired alongside real crocodiles.

Especially bird lovers come in Abuko Nature Reserve at their expense. In the forests of the reserve, there are some of the most beautiful birds of Africa as Paradiesschnäpper, nectar, kingfishers and Turaco. On the “Extended Bird Walk”, a long tour through the bird sanctuary of the nature reserve, visitors can discover monkeys with a little luck next savannah birds also patas monkey, Red Colobus and Green.


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Especially recommended is opened in October 2014 brand new “Eagle Heights Gambia” project.
The Wildlife Conservation Centre in Abuko National Park offers fun and educational encounters with Gambia’s wildlife, especially various raptors, monkeys, reptiles, hyenas and cheetahs. Even safaris can be booked through the center.


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