Bijilo Forest Reserve

Visitors to the "Bijilo Forest Reserve"
Visitors to the “Bijilo Forest Reserve”

The Bijilo Forest Reserve is located on the coast of the Atlantic, far from the capital Banjul. The popularly called “Monkey Park” Park was founded in 1950 and was initially intended for timber production. 1982 Park was converted into a nature reserve and placed under protection. In collaboration with the German GTZ Trails were subsequently set up and opened the reserve for visitors.

Today, visitors can explore the Bijilo Forest Reserve in four different sections hiking on your own or with the help of a guide. The reserve is the last natural coastal forest and in addition to a multi-layered vegetation and many animal species. To admire, there are here with baobabs, cinnamon apple-annonas and Red cotton trees and vultures, eagles, lizards and many species of colorful butterflies. As the name “Monkey Park” suggests, various species of monkeys in the nature reserve are home. Vervet monkeys cavort here with Red colobus and offer visitors the unique opportunity to observe the animals in their natural environment.


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