Kiang West Nationalpark

Kiang West Nationalpark
Kiang West Nationalpark

The Kiang West National Park is the largest national park in the Gambia and is about 135 km inland on the Gambia River. On its 115 square kilometers it is home to an abundance of wildlife and ecosystems. Besides savannahs and mangrove forests Visitors will also find brighter gallery forests here. Warthogs and baboons they are located next to the red colobus monkeys, crocodiles and some 250 bird species, of which alone 21 raptor species.

But not only birders come in this National Park at their expense, and other nature lovers will be thrilled with security. While one is no longer sure whether the park still live leopards, but bushbucks, jackals, hyenas and mongooses are here definitely still home.

In addition, the Kiang West National Park is a top secret. Although the Tendaba Camp nearby offers a good, albeit very simple, place to stay and an ideal starting point for game drives or guided walks through the National Park, although the destination is because of its location away from the main tourist spots still idyllic and untouched. This was the original character Gambian wilderness preserved.


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