Makasutu Cultural Forest

Makasutu Cultural Forest
Makasutu Cultural Forest

The Makasutu Cultural Forest is one of the flagship projects of the Gambia. In just ten years, two Brits have made it here, from 1000 hectares of mangrove swamps and palm forests to make a nature reserve with visitor center and a 5-star eco-lodge. As one of the most appreciated spots of the Gambia provides Makasutu Cultural Forest, not least because of the new jobs created for the local population is an important factor in the development of the region.

As part of excursions visitors have the opportunity to explore the nature reserve in a day or half day walking tour. These bushwalks you can admire the diverse flora and fauna of the reserve, visit a traditional healer, to participate in a dug-out canoe on the Mandina Bolong, a branch of the Gambia River, or an extensive Gambian buffet lunch with cassava, fried fish and enjoy Beef Domoda , For entertainment during the buffet contribute alongside traditional drum music, the Guinea baboon who always try to steal food from the buffet.

The primeval Gambian adventure continues at the property. In the luxurious Mandina Lodge of the nature reserve, you have a choice of jungle lodges, bungalows on stilts or floating lodges that float gently in the mangrove waters of Mandina bolongs.


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