River Gambia


The Gambia river in the highlands of Guinea and meanders around 600 km west by Guinea before reaching Gambia. It is the lifeline of the Gambia and flows through the country on more than 500 km, and then flow into the Atlantic. The banks are lined with mangrove swamps downriver. In the river, there are always small islands that bear such illustrious names like Elephant islands, Baboon islands or islands Dog. They have evolved over the years from alluvial silt and offer numerous animals a protected home in the midst of the river.


On his journey towards the Atlantic the Gambia River by numerous tributaries that bolongs fed. So the river is getting wider and extends 150 km before it flows into the Atlantic into a giant funnel that resembles a sea bay. Here you will meet a variety of marine life such as lobsters, barracudas, prawns and squid. Even dolphins are sighted here occasionally.


The Gambia River has a width of 20 km, the widest estuary in the whole of Africa. The bloated Peninsula Banjul, on which the capital of the same name is located, the estuary narrows although to some kilometers – yet the Gambia River one of the mightiest rivers in Africa.

The liner shipping on the Gambia River was set in 1984. In its place today offer several private providers Boat trips on the river to. These include day trips through the mangrove swamps, trips to the former slave island Kunta Kinteh island and multi-day river cruises.

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