Royal Messenjah

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About Royal Messenjah


The time has come to present Royal Messenjah from Gambia. He comes from a musical family with ancient music traditions. His parants are griot (for those who don’t know, the griots of West Africa were the ones that held history like libraries. But insted of putting the information in books the griots made songs about the historical happenings of kings and queen and important happenings.

They passed the songs on to the next generation so that the knowledge they have today has come from ancient times. The songs were not changed but things was added as new history and world affairs came about. It could take half a lifetime to master the songs. The women griot often perform at name giving ceremonies and such…) Sorry about my rambling on about the griots but you do have to respect them.

The artists name is privately Ali Gaye and he grew up with music as his mother is a griot singer and his father a Senegalese griot drummer playing various West African Sabar drums like the Djembe, the Nder, the Mbombong or Mbeng mbeng, the Gorong talmbat and the Xiin.

With that background he ultimately came into contact with the reggae music of Buju Banton and Sizzla and many others and soon started producing his own reggae.

His own music  is inspired by trying to spread positive messages about love and unity and here are some samples from his debut album call “The Griot” which was lunched 27th February 2017.

See below YouTube Channel for more videos:

YouTube Channel: Royal Messenjah 


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