Tourism Minister Visit Hotels In Kotu

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The Minister of Tourism and Culture (MoTC), Hon Hamat Bah, visited a few numbers of hotels and tour operators located in Kotu and Bijilo areas.

The visited hotels and tour operators included Tamale Sun Prime Hotel, African Princess Beach Hotel, Metzy Residence Hotel, Sunu Hotel, Senegambia Beach Hotel, Holiday Beach Hotel, Discovery Tours, and Gambia Tours.

Among other things, the tour was meant to assess the standards and readiness of these hotels in the just started 2018/2019 tourism winter season.

The minister was accompanied by his permanent secretary, Kodou Jabang, Sutay Jawo, deputy permanent secretary, Abdoulie Hydara, Director General of Gambia Tourism Board, Dawda Nyang, Director General of Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute, Ansumana Kinteh, Commander  TSU and among other officials.

In a general overview, Minister Bah stated that with government and its new policy put in place, they will make sure that they move hotels in the country to a better standard that will attract quality guests.

He said the visiting hotels are doing great and responding to the requires standard.

The Minister took his time to interact with all the proprietors and managers of the visited hotels and as well gave some input advice that will enhance their work as regarding their targeted period to commence operation.

He noted that with the quality of the present hotels and those on offing soon accommodation problem will become history as over forty hotels will be built across the country.

Author: Yunus S Saliu

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