Safe Travel Planning for your trip to The Gambia

Plan with the help of our checklist to enjoy well prepared your Gambia trip to your stay. Whether you’re with a tour operator or travel booked prefer to explore the country on your own, the items below information on all important issues that you should know and provide you with useful addresses.Makasutu2

The following guide also assists you in planning a successful vacation to the Gambia:

– Gambia: Small holiday paradise in West Africa, Illona Horn Verlag (2013)
Excellent researched, very sound and is ideal for cultural and nature interested individuals.

– Senegal and Gambia: Practical Guide to the western tip of Africa, PMV Peter Meyer (2013)
Extensive, very well-researched e-book Individual Travel Guide for active and interested tourists.

–  Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau, Reise Know-How Verlag (2013)
offers a good overview of the Gambia and neighboring countries, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. For round trips also a second guide for details is recommended.

– The Gambia and Senegal, Lonely Planet (2009)
Comprehensive, well-researched guide in English. Ideal for adventurers and curious individual travelers as well as reading for Gambia-Senegal tours.

Moreover, in us to be ordered to prepare for the trip free brochure and maps.

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