Immigration & Health Care

Entry Requirements

Visitors to the Gambia need an entry passport which is valid for at least six months after the end of the trip. For stays of more than 90 days a fee application for extension of stay at the Gambian Immigration Department must be provided.

For visa enquiries kindly consult your local consulate or travel agency before arrival to the Gambia, as is not providing/advicing any traveller regarding entry permit/visa asistance, we don’t process visa’s. 

Confirm also if you will need a visa at the Gambian Consulate or Embassy in your country BEFORE  must be applied to travel. When prompted tourists must be able to show a valid further or return ticket. Visa policy of the Gambia

Health care

Vaccinations are not mandatory, unless the entry is carried out from a yellow fever infection area. Vaccination is highly recommended before entering the Gambia. Consult you doctor get your vaccine on time as entry officers may require evidence of vaccine before issuing you entry visa.

In The Gambia all year there is a high risk of malaria, especially during the rainy season from July to September. It is therefore highly recommended, by an appropriate prior to departure from Europe malaria prophylaxis and extensive mosquito repellent to worry.