Taf Africa Homes, Gambian CEO Mustapha Njie

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Our Experience is Global. Our Focus is Africa.

Taf Africa Homes is one of the leading property development companies on the continent.  The Group’s track record over the years has won it numerous accolades both nationally and internationally.  We currently cover the following countries:



Our vision is to Transform the continent’s landscape with World Class Quality and Affordable  Estates using African Expertise.  We pride ourselves on the timely delivery, the highest standard of quality delivering durable and affordable homes.  We also are proud to provide employment opportunities for locals as well as training and career opportunities to develop and enhance the skills of our employees.


Our key goal is to achieve quality, affordability and sustainability. We always keep these factors in mind when designing and implementing a project.  That is why we partner with well qualified architects such as SVA (South Africa) and Reid Steel (structural engineers based in the United Kingdom) to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our designs.

TAF Africa Homes aims to deliver projects that shall have a life span greater than 50 years.  We develop our projects to be sustainable by introducing regenerative system thus minimizing the effects on the environment.

Taf Gambia Homes                                 Taf Nigeria Homes


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Taf Rwanda Homes                   Taf Senegal Homes


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Taf Cameroon Homes                                   Taf Ivory Coast Homes


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Taf Togo Homes                                    Taf Mozambique Homes

TAF TOGO HOMES                          TAF MOZAMBIQUE HOMES

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TAF Africa Homes has a proven track record of consistently delivering on every project embarked on over the past 25 years.  We take pride in the fact that all our projects are delivered in accordance with international construction and engineering standards.  TAF Africa Homes offers every client 1 year defects liability on most finishes and 5 year warranty on the structure.  TAF Africa Homes is the turnkey solution for affordable, quality and sustainable development; because we design & develop the mechanical and electrical infrastructure, internal road networks, communal and recreation areas, fully and semi-furnished homes all within the scope of a project.  We bring to the table all the key attributes and years of experience in all these areas.

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CEO’s Message

Welcome To Taf Africa Homes

With over 25 years of delivering quality homes throughout the African sub region, TAF Africa Homes fully understands what it takes to deliver a project: 

  • We comprehend how to design and cater to the various social requirements
  • We understand how to design and build on the various geotechnical requirements
  • We understand the dynamics of the construction industry in the region we fully understand the material limitations in the various regions and how to overcome them yet maintaining a competitive edge.

These are some of strengths TAF Africa Homes has harnessed over the many years of working on Africa to make her the one of the top developers in Africa

In 2013 TAF Africa Homes embarked on a project in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria to develop 900 homes on 38 hectares of marshland.  In less than 2 years, we were able to pump 350,000m3 of sand to reclaim the marshland; we erected and built 38 apartment blocks.

TAF Africa Homes to date has completed and handed over 12 apartment blocks, 31 villas and 62 terraces house complete with the necessary infrastructure.  We are scheduled to deliver 18 apartment blocks and 50 villas by the end of 2015.





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