Gambian beaches are located directly on the Atlantic Ocean, forming a length of 50 km there is a paradise for beach lovers. The beaches are fine sand, mostly shallow and have no rocks or seaweed on. The water is warm all year round and therefore always suitable for swimming.


By far the widest sandy beaches of the country are in Cape Point, in Fajara, in Kotu Bay and on the southern coast in Kartong . At the headland Cape Point, visitors will find fine, white, tropical sandy beaches, also for windsurfing are most suitable. A little further south, in Bakau, one finds a partially rocky rocky coast in front with only a narrow sandy beach.


Already in Fajara this cliff is again replaced by a wide sandy beach. Ideal Likewise widely and for bathing tourists is the beach in Kotu Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

The beach of the tourist center Kololi must be regularly filled up due to the flushed out into the Atlantic and is therefore partly with sandbags fastened. From here, however, long walks on the beach can be made ​​in both directions.