In Gambian hinterland is the stone circle of investment Wassu , with 24 megaliths the largest and most famous stone circle formation Gambia. Since July 2006 she is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This stone plant probably goes back to the year 750, therefore is thus already more than 1,250 years Wassu. The material used for the construction “Laterite rock” was used a reddish, soft rock, which was removed in quarries very close to the village. The megaliths are on average 1.30 meters in Wassu. About their purpose, are researchers, similar to other similar formations like the British Stonehenge, unsure. The theories range from tombs on the remains of a cult of the dead as well as the site for sun worship.

wassu_steinkreise_3 (1)

On the megaliths of the stone circle of Wassu always find smaller stone heap. Superstition to be fulfilled by the laying of smaller stones on the large megaliths secret desires of the one who has it stored there.

Best visited one of the stone circles Wassu under a multi-day excursion into the hinterland, as the track is too far from the seaside hotels on the Atlantic for a day trip. Good combine can visit by Wassu for example over the country with a tour to Janjanbureh. Also a boat trip to the Gambia River up to the stone circles in Wassu offers an opportunity to visit the site.